Finally, Jack Bauer is now an American President

It has been a silly season as far as following a TV series is concerned.   Game of Thrones is still a few months off.   There are one too many superheroes series, and it seems they are short on spectacle, unlike their movie counterparts.   What I usually follow though are the political thrillers genre.   House of Cards is fast approaching, but Netflix has not announced a released date yet.   Happy to chance upon in my facebook feed a while back, a new series featuring Kiefer Sutherland, yes Jack Bauer of the 24 series.


Sutherland stars as Tom Kirkman, a lowly US Cabinet member, who accidentally becomes the President of the United States, when a terrorist attack wipes out all above him in the line of succession.  Yes, he was 11th in line.  All 10 above him died.  Tragic but intriguing huh?  I am definitely following this, it is currently at 84% rottentomatoes rating.  Let’s watch and chill 🙂


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