4 Salted Egg Concoctions you can now Eat in Pampanga

Getting out from its usual shell as a breakfast staple, the salted egg is sprouting in different food concoctions.  From croissants, tarts, ice cream, chips and steamed buns, it is now trending in the world of food mash-ups.

Food fad or will it flourish?  One way to find out is to try these 3 Salted Egg food, now available here in Pampanga:


1.  Salted Egg Chips by Bugis Chomp (via Den Lim’s Kitchen)

Den Lim’s kitchen has been adding snacks to sell in his private-dining concept of a  restaurant.  This munchies definitely has that ebun buru saltiness and punch in every bite!



2. Crab Marlen by DenLim’s Kitchen

Crab Marlen is sauteed crab with garlic, basil and salted egg yolk. It is creamy and silky, with the right saltiness provided by the salted egg yolk infused sauce.  Must try at DenLim’s!

Contact DenLim’s through his facebook account: DenLim’s Kitchen


3.  Salted Egg Ice Cream by Blue Flappers (P80)

You can try this Salted Egg ice cream at their Marquee Mall Branch.  It tasted like a quezo-flavored ice cream, but instead of cheese bits, you get the salted egg yolk bits on it. The saltiness of the bits definitely brings out the creaminess in this unique dessert.

Try it out at Blue Flappers Marquee Mall.

Blue Flappers FB Page



4. Salted Egg Cake by Lailen’s Pastries (P670 whole cake)

It is a chiffon cake filled and frosted with salted egg custard and sprinkled with crushed roasted cashew nuts.  Yummy! Custard filled cakes are always a winner in my book, but this time, you have that salty kick that you get from Ebun Buru.

Lailen’s Pastries, Essel Commercial Center Branch.  For orders you can call 624-0029.

Lailen’s Pastries FB Page


Hopefully, this rich delectable ingredient is more than a passing food trend.  Here is hoping to see more of the yummy ingredient in other food and dishes.


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