Trending: Coldplay Concert, Nagulat. Nagsaya. Nakita ang Ticket Price. Naluha.

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed. When you get what you want, but not what you need. When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep. When you want a ticket but you are in need. #ColdPlay–Boiling Waters FB Page

It seems many were buoyed up by the announcement that the British band Coldplay will do a concert in the Philippines.  They officially announced their Asian tour via their instagram page.



Just like any big-time band making a media release like this, the Pinoy netizens went gaga.  That was until they saw the ticket prices, and they went major gaga again.

photo: boiling waters FB

Well that was fast.  To illustrate the frustration of the Pinoy netizens who were shocked and awed with the ticket pricing, they compared prices from the other Asian countries that Coldplay would visit.



Isn’t that cold?  Anyway, if you are really a fan, seeing them play in a “YOLO” moment would not hurt financially right?  Well, you just got to live and eat on Skyflakes on some days, work overtime, and maybe arrange a garage sale for your unwanted stuff to earn that ticket.

Meanwhile, a government agency, DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), has this simple reminder who plan to break the piggy bank.



Sounds very entrepreneurial haha.   Despite the noise generated by the ticket pricing, I am pretty sure that MOA parking grounds would still be packed up.   Aside from the Philippines, Coldplay is also set to visit Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

April 4 is more than 5 months away.  Swipe it. Save up.  Or be a Scrooge on Christmas. 🙂

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