El Pedro Cubanos, Cuban cuisine in Angeles

Cuban cuisine is not as popular compared to other international cuisine we have in Angeles.  Chinese and Korean restaurants are dime a dozen.  Mexican dishes are also popular.  But have you ever heard or tasted Cuban cuisine?  Defined as  a blend of Native American Taino food, Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines, when it comes to Cuban cuisine here in Angeles City, the top of mind brand is El Pedro Cubanos.

The brainchild of Chef El Pedro Cubano and businessman Edwin “Wing” Pingol, it started when they opened their Nepo Quad branch last Sepetember, 2015.  Since then they had opened two other branches:  A stall in Sandbox, Alviera in Porac, and the recently opened stall in the food court area of SM Clark.


The dishes are prepared by the owner himself, Chef Pedro Carbajal.  Being the top man is very meaningful for Chef Pedro.  Before operating his own food stall, he has worked for different kinds of kitchen jobs for more than 25 years.  Armed with a master’s degree in culinary arts he earned in Madrid, Spain, he has worked in different restaurants and cuisines.  His affinity for the chinese cuisine led to a dream job in China, where he stayed for a good decade.  Life’s little surprises happened in China for it is where he met his Filipina wife.

That led to Chef Pedro staying in the Philippines and considering it as his home away from home.   Before El Pedro Cubanos, he worked as head chef for various Cuban and Spanish restaurants in Makati and Angeles City.  He walked away from those jobs to pursue his ultimate goal of opening his own restaurant.  Being partners with Wing means the brand will be capable of blending with the local market.   They have also built their food truck which will be present in various events and food markets that are sprouting all over Pampanga right now.



Let’s see what El Pedro Cubanos has in store for us:

Fried Flour Chips with Cheese Sauce and special El Pedro Sauce -P120
El Pedro 90 Miles-Fresh rolled Pizza dough stuffed with chicken, pork, beef, ham and veggies with cheese, jalapenos and choice of cheese or sour cream sauce.
El Pedro 90 Miles-P165  Fresh rolled Pizza dough stuffed with chicken, pork, beef, ham and veggies with cheese, jalapenos and choice of cheese or sour cream sauce.
Pan Con Minuta-P180 Double-cheese, beer-battered fish fillet, with onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles, with mustard and tartar sauce in a baguette.
Tamal Qbano con Carne P120- Cooked cornmill with Beef
Arroz Con Pollo P160- Yellow Rice with grilled chicken and fried plantain
Arroz Con Lechon P160- Black beans and Rice with Roast pork and fried plantain
Qbano with Chicken – Spanish baguette with grilled chicken, ham and salami, and pickles, mushroom and caramelized onions.

Recommended (their beset-sellers, too) are the classic Cuban sandwiches, particularly the Qbano Pork.  Must-try is Chef Pedro’s own creation, the El Pedro 90 Miles, a pizza roll stuffed with chicken, pork, beef, ham, veggies with cheese, jalapenos and choice of cheese or sour cream sauce.

Visit El Pedro Cubanos and try Chef Pedro’s cuban concoctions at Nepo Quad, The Sandbox in Alviera, Porac and at the Foodcourt at SM Clark.   To know more, visit their Facebook Page El Pedro Cubanos FB Page


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2 thoughts on “El Pedro Cubanos, Cuban cuisine in Angeles

  • May 6, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Why closed for more than a month?

    • May 15, 2017 at 11:56 am

      Sir the owners decided to close the SM branch. Not sure what their next step is. Will update you


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