The Man Cave: A Cut Above the Rest

“If you look good, you’ll feel good.  If you feel good, you’ll do great!”

Overshadowed in the expansion and popularity of the modern hair salons is the existence of the trusty, classic Barber Shop.  The tradition of going to your trusty barber has faded somehow.  These days, a busy man is a multi-tasker.  And sometimes, proper grooming takes a hit in the schedule of the modern man.


But talking to Jepoy Cruz and Deys Suarez, the partners who conceptualized and built The Man Cave, a modern, stylish barber shop in Angeles City, they have a lot to say on the importance of grooming.

“Good grooming is an integral part in your work and lifestyle.   If you don’t look the part, more often than not, you will not be taken seriously.” Added Jepoy.

Owners Jepoy Cruz and Deys Suarez, these entreprenuers know their style.


“Going to an actual barber shop–the whole hot towel, old-school experience.  You sit there and you get your hands massaged while getting a shave? Nothing wrong with that.” – Justin Timberlake

Grooming should not be considered a “get it over with” chore.  Jepoy and Deys believes that going to a barber shop should be a rewarding experience.  A pleasant and enjoyable one.

“When a client comes here, we like him to feel relaxed.  A trip in The Man Cave means not only leaving looking-good with a great trim, you might bring with you new friends. ” said Deys.

That’s not whiskey folks…just a JD labeled water spray for your hair. All in the details for this modern barber shop.

The Man Cave is all that.  Comfy barber’s chair, great.  Clean and hygienic, check.  The woody scent in the room that smells perfect ambience!! Double check.  But that is all for naught if you don’t have the right barbers that do the proper trimming.  The barbers at The Man Cave are more than capable in their scissor and razor handling.  From the classic cuts to the modern pampadour trims, they do it all.


The attention to detail is something you might miss, but unintentionally, you can sense the ambience The Man Cave wants you to experience.  The woody interiors, and the accompanying scent.  The music playlist in the shop, that is perfectly mixed by the owners, both of them part-time DJs.

Happy good-looking clients on opening day.

But that is all extras.  The Mancave gets that too, that those extras are nothing if the client leaves unhappy with his cut.  That’s why their barbers are trained to deliver well.  “We’d like The Man Cave to be known as a great place to get groomed” said Jepoy.

A guy needs a trusty barber.  Skill is on top, but knowing your personal quirks is a close runner-up.  Having that relationship with your barber, will only happen in time.  The Man Cave reassures though, that their men with the straight razors, are all professionals and vetted for, haha.

The Man Cave makes going to the classic barber shop look cool.  Is it back?  If the emergence of guys with a high fade pompadours are any indication, oh yes it is.

The hair game in Angeles just went up a notch.

“Don’t settle for less than you deserve.”-The Man Cave


The Man Cave is located at  Rizal extension corner corazon st. Nepo Subdivision, Angeles City

Find in Google Maps

Contact number: +639989902283 (cave)

Facebook Page The Man Cave


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