Charley’s at Quest Hotel unveils new lineup of Craft Cocktails

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE – An exciting new world of flavor awaits bar patrons and guests of Quest Hotel and Conference Center, Clark as it recently introduced its new line of Craft Cocktails at Charley’s, the hotel bar.

The launch was led by the hotel’s Beverage Manager, Neil Ocampo, who also paved the way for a creative mix of molecular mixology cocktails to take over Quest’s hotel bar menu.

The new Craft Cocktails include Revolution Mai-Tai, Clark Sidecar, Colonel’s Car, Whiskey Sour Salute, and the Jungle Cosmopolitan, which all bear a distinct signature taste and flavor that could satisfy the most adventurous palates.

Attending the unveiling are Charley’s regulars, the local media, and bloggers who witnessed the delightful flavor revolution with Craft Cocktails.

Ocampo explains that craft cocktails are handcrafted mixes where fresh and homemade ingredients are used to ensure the consistency and the quality of the drink.


The person who concocted the delicious set of cocktails was Kathryn Eckstein, who also entertained questions from the media.

Freshly harvested herbs and bitters, home made syrups and other house blend ingredients are also used to allow drinks to express an aromatic and unique experience.

“We’re proud to say that we’re the first to do this in Pampanga. Instead of using pre-made and artificial ingredients such as lime mixers and juices, we’re using herbs and spices to complete a unique and fresh taste.” Ocampo adds.

He also says that the herbs were locally sourced from the hotel’s garden, which ensures their freshness.

The cocktails prices range from 200 to 300 pesos per glass.

Charley’s, located at Quest Hotel and Conference Center, Clark, offers specialty drinks & cocktails, as well as everyone’s favorite selection of beers, liquors, and spirits. It currently has Beer Match, which offers 5 local beers and a hefty snack for only Php 698.00. For the summer, it’s offering flavored coladas and other refreshing drinks as well.

For more inquiries, you may contact the hotel at 599 8000 or directly contact Neil Ocampo at +63 (917) 929 0103. Visit Quest Hotel’s website at

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