RAW RITUAL: Meal plans from their kitchen to your doorstep

ANGELES CITY – What started as a ritual of raw juicing a few years ago grew into a kitchen that helps people attain better health and beauty by promoting not just healthy meals, but also a healthy lifestyle. Established in 2015, the Raw Ritual Kitchen only uses the freshest ingredients, free of pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful in our bodies. Their produce are handpicked to capture the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables at its prime.

Their chefs and nutritionists design a healthy balance of taste and diet that are beneficial in helping detoxify, cleanse, shed excess weight, or rejuvenate the body. They help their clients meet their wellness goals with flavors that will stimulate and satisfy even the pickiest palate.

As a food and lifestyle blogger, it has been really challenging for me to lose weight or to at least not gain some more. Every time I do a restaurant cover, I get served food that’s good for 5-8 people. Thanks to friends who are willing to get fat with me for helping me finish everything.

Last month, I had to shed some pounds for a shoot for a major project with the country’s leading mall brand. Raw Ritual helped me make it happen. I lost a few pounds, felt lighter (literally and figuratively), and had healthier looking skin which was evident even on days when I had super early call time and only had 3-4 hours of sleep.

There’s no secret, just pure Raw Ritual magic! I want to commend them for an impressive menu – delicious, healthy, and unique. Great job also for keeping up with my schedule and whereabouts! As someone who’s always on the go, it wasn’t possible to always have the meals delivered at home. Here’s what my 14-day meal plan looks like:




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