Food Truck Festival 2017

ANGELES CITY – Aslag, a Kapampangan word which means ‘light or brightness’, is the name of the official events team of Holy Angeles University – College of Hospitality and Tourism Management. The team is composed of its administration, faculty members and students whose purpose is to create events that will update the public with the latest trends in the hospitality and tourism industry.
With the growing interest in new food concepts, Aslag successfully launched the first-ever Food Truck Fest in the region last year where owners of food trucks and selected food carts from in and out of Pampanga delighted the public with delectable food choices.
Wanting to provide a unique dining experience to the public yet again, Aslag held the Food Truck Fest 2017 last May 12-13 at Holy Angel University. The event was opened to the public for free.

Food Truck Fest 2017’s Media Kit is impressive!

This year, 5 food trucks were on board: Homestyle Express Meals on Meals, Chie’s Sausage Factory, Gastronauts, CC Lifestyle, and Coffee Bean Central.
Two global brands also joined – Dairy Queen and Chowking, along with 8 home-grown food carts – Bembi’s Kitchen, Calle Parilla Grill, Vikraam Shawarma Boss, Anne’s Frozen Creations, KBG Food Carts, Flour and The Curious, and Honeymon.

Here are my top picks:

I bet no one can resist this dish. Salted Egg + Sisig + Thin Crust Pizza is the dream! Catch CC Lifestyle at Corazon Street, Nepo Subdivision (beside The Man Cave Barber Shop).
I loooove lobster rolls! Gastronaut’s Crab Roll is surprisingly just as good! I hope to see this truck more often.

Bembi’s Kitchen lets their customers choose their wings’ level of hotness. Choose from 1-10. Visit their cafeteria in Sta. Cruz, Magalang and join their contest! Simply choose level 11 (for their contest only) and finish the whole order to get it for free! Dareeeee!

Bembi’ Kitchen’s Hot Wings

Chie Sausage Factory by RBest makes their own sausages and incorporates them in their dishes. This one’s a must-try!

Chie’s Sausage Factory’s Hot Italian Pasta

So refreshing and healthy! Just what you need after pigging the night away!

Honeymon’s Honey Lemon Drink

Here are some more photos:



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