LA CRESPO: Wood Fired x Brick Oven Pizza

I used to think brick-oven pizza is the best in the world until I learned about La Crespo Pizzeria. Not only do they use brick oven but it’s wood fired, too! I’ll never look at pizza the same way again! I’ve been gushing about this on my social media accounts, now it’s time to get to know this place better.

La Crespo Pizzeria originated in Vietnam. It first opened 4 years ago and now has three branches in the said country. Last month, I was able to visit their first and only branch in the Philippines (yet). It’s found in the busy and lively area of Balibago in Angeles City, Pampanga. They will soon open a branch in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija.

The interiors are impressive! The place gives off that South-East Asian vibe. What’s even more remarkable is that most of these trendy pieces are DIY!

I was super thrilled when they told me I can take a look at their oven and make my own pizza!
Here’s how it went:
First, the baker kneaded the dough (yes, it’s not ready-made) then I put the toppings. They allow their customers to choose up to two flavors (half of each) but they let me choose 4! Yay! They currently have 14 flavors to choose from and is on the process of developing new flavors that will be launched within the year.

Good news: They top their pizza with A LOT of cheese!
Then we left it in the oven for only 10 minutes! It cooks faster because it’s wood-fired and their oven’s floor is revolving so you’re sure the pizza will be cooked evenly!
Here’s my 1/4 Four Cheese, 1/4 Meatzza, 1/4 Nestorian, and 1/4 Angela pizza.
Nestor is the name of the owner’s father and Angela is the owner’s girlfriend.
Watch of for their new pizza flavors and for PIZZA BUFFET! Yes, unlimited pizza goodness!

Aside from pizza, they also offer a variety of pasta, chicken wings, and smoked ribs!

By: Ann Tristine Yabut

La Crespo Pizzeria
Address: Mon Tang Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City
Contact Number: 0975 905 0832
Facebook: LaCrespoPizzeria
Operational Hours: 12PM – 12AM daily

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