Bulung: Kapampangan chefs – Sau Del Rosario and Bong Sagmit – teamed up for a dinner with the advocacy of reviving dying ingredients

ANGELES CITY – Pampanga’s renowned chefs – Sau Del Rosario of 25 Seeds and Bong Sagmit of Pigs & Pints teamed up for a revolutionary dinner dubbed as Bulung. “Bulung”, which means leaves in Kapampangan, aims to revive dying ingredients by showcasing leaves that are almost forgotten, in a 9-course degustacion dinner on July 21, 2018 at 25 Seeds in Angeles City.

Different leaves from different parts of Pampanga will be featured in the hopes of reintroducing them in today’s generation. The line-up includes alibambang from San Martin, caramay from Manibaug, wild mulberry berries and leaves from Sapang Bato, sampaguita from Lubao, and talinum from their pocket farm, to name a few. “Without tradition, there will be no innovation”, says Sagmit.

Coincidentally, bulung also means whisper in Kapampangan. “You don’t need a loud voice to send a message across, like when saying ‘I love you’, it’s more effective when you whisper it”, shares del Rosario who also stated that the essence of the collaboration is to tell the people, in that still small voice, to save the dying ingredients, one plant at a time.

Both Del Rosario and Sagmit are founding members of Culinarya Pampanga – a network of chefs and restaurateurs in Pampanga which aims to make it the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Part of the group’s mission is to commit themselves in preserving, promoting, and passing on culinary traditions of Pampanga and to support local producers. The group has been working on projects and events that are aligned to their mission since they were founded in 2016.

Though he’s been doing various collaborations in and out of the country, Bulung is Chef Sau del Rosario’s first collaborative dinner in his hometown, Pampanga. It will be a fusion of Chef Sau’s classic style of cooking and Chef Bong’s modern techniques, along with a meaningful advocacy.

For tickets/inquiries, please call or text 0917-923-8112.

25 Seeds is located at 2/F Dycaico Ancestral House, Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City.


Chef Sau del Rosario was born into a family of chefs. Having studied Hotel and Restaurant Management in UP Diliman, he was also educated at the Culinary Institute of America. His entire family migrated in the United States of America, but it was in France where he found his niche, and literally climbed his way to success, starting from the meanest of tasks, and rising from the ranks a step at a time.

His culinary travels include Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, and more. Eventually, his heart asked him to come home. Currently, he is the President of Culinarya Pampanga. Chef Sau co-owns and operates Cafe Fleur, 25 Seeds, and Frida.

Instagram: @chefsau


Roberto “Bong” Sagmit is the executive chef of Century Hotel in Angeles City. Having worked in the kitchen for 15 years, he began as a staff member in a fast food chain, and is now involved in three (3) major restaurants – Encore Banquet Hall, Casino on Deck, and Peking House. He is a staunch advocate of responsible and sustainable farming, and seriously explores the farm-to-table concept. In partnership with friends who share his interest, he opened Pigs & Pints Tavern and BBQ & Co

Instagram: @bongsagmit


Pigs & Pints was born out of the concept of ‘nose-to-tail’ dining, which means the entire animal, including its offals, will be utilised and served. A full-service restaurant and bar, Pigs & Pints is your choice stop for a wide variety of local and imported liquor, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Facebook: PigsandPintsAC

Instagram: @pigsandpints_ac


25 Seeds is located in an ancestral house which they turned into a farm-to-table restaurant. They have a mini farm in the compound where they get some of their ingredients. They started with only 25 seeds so they thought of naming the restaurant that.

Facebook: 25seeds

Instagram: @25seeds


Culinarya Pampanga is a network of chefs and restaurateurs in Pampanga which aims to make it the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. It is founded in 2016 and officially inaugurated on May 8, 2017 at Museo Ning Angeles in Angeles City.

Facebook: culinaryapampanga

Instagram: @culinaryapampanga



  1. Poster – photo by Borj Meneses / layout by Jepsoy Sarmiento
  2. 25 Seeds’ photos – photos by Bruno Tiotuico


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