Now Open: Cubby Lounge – Angeles City’s First Co-Working Space!

By Ann Tristine Yabut

Finally, a co-working space in Angeles City! We have Reuven and George to thank for Cubby Lounge. They are Entrepreneurship students from Mapua University who turned their school project into a reality! Reuven, being from Angeles City, saw the demand and potential market here. Angeles City is home to many freelance writers, social media managers, content creators, etc. Major universities like Angeles University Foundation, Holy Angel University, and Systems Plus College Foundation, to name a few – are situated in the area as well.

Both Reuven and George live multi-faceted lives so they know the importance of a place where one could focus and be productive. Reuven is a young entrepreneur/athlete and trains in his spare time, he often joins triathlon races throughout the year while George likes to play video games, conceptualize new business ideas, and work on freelance jobs. Hustlers!

The seating capacity of Cubby Lounge is for 31 persons – 22 shared seats, 3 private pods, and a meeting room that could accommodate 6 people.


Below are their rates inclusive of unlimited brewed coffee and snacks! Their coffee tastes so good, it’s sourced from Sagada!

P70 / hour

P180 / 3 hours

P350 for a whole day stay


Their Wi-Fi connection is incredibly fast! I actually love going here whenever I have to upload videos and publish a post on my blog (a.k.a today). They have plenty of power outlets for everyone, too! The little things like proper temperature (neither hot nor too cold), the music (their choice of songs and the volume), a clean and neat restroom, and their friendly staff will make your experience extra. Plus, it’s conveniently surrounded by well loved food outlets like McDo, Yellow Cab, Shakeys, 7Eleven, Jollibee, Cafe France, Cafe Somerset, and Minute Burger!

Cubby Lounge is located at 2nd Floor, W. Long Building, Pandan Road, Angeles City (beside HP Diagnostics and Yellow Cab)

Facebook: cubbylounge

Instagram: @cubbylounge

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