Angeles City is in a constant state of flux.   Ever since Pinatubo erupted and devastated most of Angeles and its neighboring towns, Angeles City has risen up economically, away from its long dependence on the support of the old Clark Air Base.   Now considered the most urbanized center north of Manila, Angeles City is more than the red light district it was known back then.  While Pampanga is considered the culinary capital of the Philippines, and Angeles City the birthplace of the famous “sisig”, the city is now home to restaurants offering diverse local and international cuisine.

WheninAngeles.ph aims to guide its followers in the ever-changing landscape of Angeles and Pampanga in general, pointing you to the hottest new food spots up to the top must-try restaurants, discovering the under-the-radar hangouts, up to showing you a fun weekend adventure in the city.

We hope that everytime you visit wheninANGELES.ph, you discover something new, and it prompts you to visit the places and events featured in the site.

Discover what “manyaman” is all about!


Wheninangeles.ph is managed and operated by Jumbo Tayag and Marvin Manalang.

Jumbo Tayag is a marketing guy and meat expert who has been involved in the industry for many years.  He’s also a veteran triathlete and coach, and is also a part-time DJ.

Marvin is a social media marketer, a part-time food and sports photographer, and a retired triathlete 🙂 He has been involved in the sales and marketing of a distribution company for nearly 20 years.

When they are not busy at their day jobs, you can see Jumbo and Marvin chilling out with their favorite Craft Beer, with matching pulutan on the side.  Cheers!!



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